Why You Should Book A Holiday House Instead Of A Hotel Room

When travelling in a group, it can be really hard to find accommodation that suits your needs. Hotels provide you with many great services, but if your group is too big for a single room, things can get complicated. The solution then, is to simply rent a house. But isn’t it more expensive? And what about all the benefits that come with staying in a decent hotel, such as room service? Why rent a luxury holiday house?

You’ll be surprised to learn then, that staying in a luxury holiday house is not only more accommodating to larger groups, it is also far superior than most hotels, because:

1. Luxury is more affordable than you think


Luxury mansions in exotic locations around the world aren’t exclusive millionaire territory. You can experience the world of luxury for no more than what you would have spent at a nice hotel, especially when you split the bill among the members of your group. Often, for as little as $40 per person per night, you and your group can live in some of the most amazing houses around the world.

2. You get a complete house, not just a room


By far the biggest drawback of a hotel is the fact that you barely ever get more than a single room that serves as your bedroom, living room and kitchen. Sure some hotels have extra bedrooms and such, but you just can’t beat a proper house for comfort. Spacious living areas, separate bedrooms and bathroom as well as fully equipped kitchens really brings life to the term “home away from home”. Having an actual house to live in makes sure that as a group, there will always be plenty of space for everyone.

3. No need to share facilities with other guests


Hotels often comes with shared facilities, such as a pool, gymnasium or spa pools, however your group is but one of many, and of course everyone would like equal opportunity to use it. By renting your own luxury holiday house, the pool belongs to you, and you can stay in there as long as you like. The only time restrictions are your own.

4. You don’t have to clean when you leave


Some vacation rentals require you to clean when your checkout date arrives, but cleaning is the least luxurious way to spend your time while on holiday. That is why our luxury holiday houses come with cleaning staff, just like you’d expect from a hotel. Why spend time cleaning when you can spend time getting that last minute relaxation in?

5. You still get everything a hotel offers


Hotels do offer a large number of services to make your stay as stress free as possible, but you don’t have to give any of that up when booking a holiday house. Most luxury houses come with staff that can assist you in many ways. From airport transfers, to chefs to prepare gourmet delights for you and your group. Your holiday house is also serviced daily, and you’ll even get an off site manager should you require anything.

All images sourced from our website, https://www.luxuryholidayhouses.com/

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