White label technology ‘a game changer’

Fear of bogus properties, insecure funds and – dare I even whisper it – dirty beds and loos have always kept the holiday house/villa market firmly in the too-hard-and-scary basket for travel agents to book.

The spectre of unhappy clients has meant agents have always opted for the security of hotels and resorts. While undoubtedly safe, hotels are often bland and predictable, leaving discerning travelers yawning in boredom. However late last year, at the International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes (ILTM), the high-end accommodation landscape underwent a radical and possibly irrevocable change. A guest of Tourism New Zealand at the prestigious annual event in France, Kiwi entrepreneur and Amazing Accom managing director Cam Bevan launched White Label technology for travel agents, bringing standardisation and professionalism to the holiday house/villa market.
“White Label technology is a game-changer,” says Mr Bevan, founder of Amazing Accom which specialises in luxury accommodation. “It has made the previously too-risky-to-touch holiday house/villa market a 100-percent safe, guaranteed option for travel agents around the world.”This cutting-edge technology – the first of its kind in the world – enables travel agents to comfortably book holiday houses/villas for their clients in a safe and standardised online environment. They can be confident their clients’ funds are totally secure, and cancellation policies and changes to bookings are transparent and fair to all parties . . . as well as guaranteeing the agents a healthy commission.”The term White Label means when an agent uses our secure booking site, there is no reference to Amazing Accom branding. The property names and URL are blank so the client cannot bypass the agent and go directly to Amazing Accom or the property owner. There is therefore no risk to the travel agent
of losing his or her client.”The agent can have total confidence in our product and booking systems. Amazing Accom holiday houses and villas are hand-selected and reviewed, and therefore guaranteed to be of the highest standard. They are professionally managed and fully serviced just like a hotel . . . no risk of anything dirty!”Agents can choose their mark-up rate on each booking, build multiple itinerary options and share them safely with their clients.”Amazing Accom holds the client’s funds securely until the day after check-in and also offers round-the-clock free, independent, expert advice in case problems should arise.

One of four Kiwi tourism companies that traveled to the four-day Cannes event at the invitation of Tourism New Zealand, Amazing Accom and the White Label concept seemed to be the most popular with the international luxury travel buyers, says Mr Bevan.

Agents from around the world – Russia, China, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada and the United States – have already signed up to the concept and are now accessing 2000 plus Amazing Accom luxury houses and villas in 21 different countries for their high-end clients.

“Given a choice, why would discerning travellers book a dull hotel room or suite and share facilities with hundreds of other guests when they can have an entire fabulous house/villa privately to themselves.

“We want travel agents to be aware of the tremendous potential of White Label technology.

“Amazing Accom is the only company to be doing this in the world . . . and we own the software – it’s proprietary.”

So what’s in it for Amazing Accom and for the owners and property managers of accommodation who list online with Amazing Accom?

“We all get significantly more bookings worldwide, and we increase the total holiday house/villa market –  something we are passionate about,” says Mr Bevan.

*A white-label product or service is produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) re-brand under their own name. The name derives from the image of a white or blank label on packaging which can be filled in with the marketer’s brand.

*ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) is an annual event that brings together the world’s most sought-after luxury experiences for international travel buyers.

By Justine Tyerman
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