Top 5 Travel Tips & Tricks


From booking your flights to navigating through unfamiliar territories; when your traveling there is always so much to consider. These travel tips may come in handy

Book the aisle & window seats

If you’re traveling with 1 person on a flight that has rows of three seats, book the aisle and window seat. The middle seat is likely to stay empty if the flight is not too full; but if someone does pick that seat, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t swap with you.

[headline]2) Keep copied of your travel documents[/headline]

Take a photo or screenshot of your passport and itineraries on your smart phone & email them to yourself. This provides an extra virtual copy of them in the event of loss or theft. If your an iPhone user you can even save them to your iBooks.

[headline]3) Use Google Maps offline & Save Data[/headline]

All you need to do is type “OK Maps” and the visible area will save for future access. Easy as!

[headline]4) Use a Phrase book[/headline]

You don’t have to become fluent in another language, but carrying a phrase book and knowing the basics will help you get around better in non-English speaking countries.

[headline]5) Ask for FREE upgrades[/headline]

Always ask for a free upgrade at the airline or hotel when you’re checking in. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and depending on their availability you may just get it.


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Written by Liza Wick, Luxury Travel Expert

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