Top 5 Things To Do Around New Zealand In Spring

Springtime in New Zealand is a brilliant time of year, with temperatures rising and rain-drenched terrain drying out.

Nestled in between the winter peak season for popular ski destinations like Queenstown, and summer destinations such as the Bay of Islands, there is plenty to see and do, especially with the school holidays just around the corner.

So without further adieu, here is Amazing Accom’s Top 5 things to do around New Zealand in spring.

Queenstown – It’s warmer, but the snow is as inviting as ever


Ah, Queenstown. The sweetheart of New Zealand’s thrill seekers and the country’s adventure capital.

If you spent all winter wishing you could be on the snowy mountains blissfully ignorant of meetings and paperwork, then you would be glad to hear it is not too late.

Even though it’s getting warmer, and the colours and scent of Queenstown is changing, the mountains are still perfectly dusted with pure white snow, and you can enjoy it right until November!

If you’d like to go skiing though, then October is the spring month for you, as ski field close around mid October, depending on the conditions.

All is not lost if you do leave it till November however, as Queenstown itself stiff offers a wealth of activities from hiking and scenic flights, to alfresco dining in town.

Still not convinced that Queenstown is the place to be this spring? Have a look at this promotion by Queenstown NZ, titled “How to Call in Sick and Stow Away to Queenstown

Where to stay?

Queenstown has some amazing houses and apartments to call your temporary home. You can choose from lake views, mountain views, central location or closer to the ski fields. Whatever you choose, you will absolutely love what there is to offer, such as these:

Gucci House – Sleeps 12, 5 Bedrooms
Brilliant Central Location – Sleeps 12, 5 Bedrooms
Central View – Sleeps 4, 2 Bedrooms

Alternatively, browse all of the amazing luxury holiday houses in Queenstown.

Coromandel – Beautiful and peaceful, perfect for relaxation.


The Coromandel Peninsula is located but a 2 hour drive from Auckland, and is often described as heaven on earth. Since the region remains largely undiscovered by international visitors, it is the ideal place to visit when trying to stay away from crowds. The absolutely stunning coastline of the peninsula makes for some of the most amazing scenery you can lay your eyes upon. One shining example of this is Cathedral Cove, pictured above. If that rock seems familiar, you have probably seen it in the 2005 movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The Coromandel is also home to the Hot Water Beach, which sees visitors from all over the world bring their shovels, and digging their very own hot pool in the sand.

Where to stay?

While we can’t promise a wardrobe leading to Narnia in one of the bedrooms, we can definitely recommend these:

Hot Water Beach House – Sleeps 6, 3 Bedrooms
Hot Water Beach House 2 – Sleeps 6, 3 Bedrooms

Wellington – Update your wardrobe in the fashion capital.


If fashion is important to you, the words “spring collection” probably mean a lot to you, and what better a place to update your wardrobe for spring than Wellington? Not only the capital of New Zealand, Wellington is also known for its arts, performances and fashion, which all comes together in spectacular show you may have heard of… the World of Wearable Art Awards. Wellington’s famous Te Papa museum is always open to the public, and certainly worth a visit, and you can’t go wrong with a visit to the many boutique cafes in the CBD, or venturing outwards for a 4×4 adventure on the south coast.

Where to stay?

Being in the central city is what everyone prefers, and we have quite a few lovely options available, if you do decide to come to Wellington however, book fast, I have never seen a single one of these apartments stay available for long:

Stunning Wellington – Sleeps 4, 2 Bedrooms
Oriental Bay Apartment – Sleeps 4, 2 Bedrooms

Bay of Islands – where spring comes early.


“The sunny north” is not a name the Northland region received by accident. Temperatures and weather are often much better the further north of Auckland you go , and the Bay of Islands is the perfect spot for a spring getaway. The unspoilt coastline is an absolute must see, while towns such as the historic Russell offers locally made gourmet treats and many artists and craftspeople whose studios are well worth a visit.

The Bay of islands feature over 100 islands, while keen fishermen can pit themselves against at least six species of game fish. If history is more your thing, then a trip to Waitangi and learning about the Treaty of Waitangi is sure to be a day well spent. Spicy food buffs could also tackle Northland’s answer to Tabasco sauce, named Kaitaia Fire.

Where to stay?

Since Northland is quite a large region, the best place to stay depends entirely on where you would like to be, and which attractions you’re planning on visiting. Here are some amazing Bay of islands options:

Luxury Homestead – Sleeps 8, 4 Bedrooms
Wharekaha – Sleeps 8, 4 Bedrooms
Beachfront Luxury – Sleeps 14, 6 Bedrooms

Auckland – Experience Indian culture at the Diwali Festival


The Diwali Festival is an ancient Hindu festival, usually held in Autumn in the northern hemisphere, that celebrates the victory of light over dark. The festival is an amazing way to experience contemporary and traditional Indian culture in the heart of Auckland city. The festival which takes place in Aotea Square is a smoke and alcohol free event, and offers many family friendly activities such as awe inspiring live dance, theatre performances, amusement rides and music.

There are plenty of food stalls where you can sample the many flavours of indian cuisine, and the night finishes with a bang in the form of a spectacular fireworks display. The event is to take place on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of October.

For more information, visit the Festival page on the official Auckland website.

Where to stay?

The ideal place to stay would of course be in the central city, but we would rather recommend staying on the beautiful Waiheke Island instead. The reason for this is simple, a ferry ride to the city and back is easy and relaxing, so getting there is not a problem, and when you’re ready to head home after a day of festivities, you can unwind and enjoy the incredible beauty and serenity that Waiheke offers, away from all the noise typical of a CBD on weekends.

Here’s a few of our favourite Houses on Waiheke:

The View – Sleeps 4, 2 Bedrooms
Sea View Waiheke – Sleeps 6, 3 Bedrooms
Kauri Villa Waiheke – Sleeps 10, 3 Bedrooms

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