The Must Have Travel Accessories to Buy in 2018

Every traveller, whether they are a travel veteran or are new to exploring the world, has an inventory of go-to accessories they take with them before embarking on a long trip.

Each accessory serves its own purpose, whether it’s to document the journey, help the traveller sleep in economy class or keep cherished tech gadgets charged up.

Before you depart on your next great adventure, fill up your carry-on luggage with some of the must have travel accessories this year.

1. OstrichPillow Original®

Image of the OstrichPillow Original, perfect for sleeping anywhere.

While this amazing pillow has been around for a few years, it still gets our tick of approval as a must have travel accessory.

The OstrichPillow allows you to nap comfortably virtually anywhere, whether it’s at your desk, on a plane or waiting for the plane.

The pillow allows for total neck support thanks to its ergonomic design and viscoelastic core – meaning it’s snug and cuddly no matter what your neck shape is.

There are other variation on the Original design that look less alien-esque, but you can check them out for yourself at OstrichPillow’s website.

2. AirSelfie Drone

Image of the AirSelfie drone, because Selfie Sticks are so 2012.

Selfie sticks are so 2012. Why hold a stick to take the perfect selfie when you can fly a drone to capture that perfect duck face?

AirSelfie is a pocket size drone equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and produces it’s own WiFi connection.

And before you say that this is another gadget needing a battery, the drone comes with it’s own powerbank so you can have it ready at all times.

You can order your AirSelfie here.

3. Panda PAU06 Wireless Range Extender

Image of the Panda Wireless, for when the WiFi just doesn't reach.

Good news, your Amazing Accom has fast WiFi! Bad news, you can only get one bar of a somewhat-stable connection from the downstairs bedroom.

Thankfully, you can now solve this problem yourself before leaving a negative review.

The Panda PAU06 plugs in to your laptop or USB charger and extends the range of any WiFi connection, so no more waiting 25 minutes to post your travel snaps to Instagram.

You can order one of these nifty dongles here from just $14.99

4. Travel Aromatherapy Kit

USB Aromatherapy Kit, for those that want to optimise their relaxation.

You’ve just spent 36 hours in the air and while you think you should be able to relax you’re still wired.

That’s where this USB powered aromatherapy kit comes in.

Aromatherapy has been proven to help treat symptoms of anxiety and stress, and what better way to get started than with a USB powered infuser you can plug right into your device.

The kit also comes with a travel bag, charger and lavender, peppermint and lemongrass oils to get started.

5. Micro 3in1 Luggage Scooter

Micro 3in1 Luggage Scooter, look like the epitome of cool in the terminal.

What if your carry on baggage could also be your transport between airport terminals?

The Micro3in1 Luggage Scooter is a suitcase, fold-out scooter and sound system designed in collaboration with Superstar DJ Steve Aoki.

Carrying your luggage will never be boring again.

This suitcase is the perfect gift for kids that need their wheelie fix when in the air or at your accom!

6. Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

ZeroGrid travel belt, for keeping your valuables low key

It goes without saying that some destinations in the world are far safer than others.

Sure, we’ve all seen the close-to-the-body hidden money pockets that hide under your shirt. But have you seen a wallet that actually looks and acts like a belt?

The Zero Grid Travel Security Belt does just that – the inside of the belt is a zip to a hidden compartment where you can store notes, coins and cards out of sight from thieves.

The belt also looks inconspicuous, so you can forget thieves targeting the belt.

Pick yours up from here.

7. PackTidy Shirt & Tie Commuter

PackTidy Shirt & Tie commuter, keep those shirts and ties looking crisp.

Do you ever travel for business and events and open your bag on arrival to find all your shirts have become crumpled messes? And there’s no iron in sight?

That’s where PackTidy’s Shirt & Tie Commuter saves the day.

This hard case keeps for nicely ironed and folded shirts and ties as crisp as the day you bought them and comes in three colours – black, brown and grey.

It’s similar in size to a laptop case at 14″ x 11″ x 3″, meaning that it will easily fit into your carry on luggage or your checked in bag.

You can pick up one of these for your travels here.

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