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Queentown & Arrowtown Cuisine

When it comes to cuisine, visitors are spoilt for choice. We decided to gain an insight into, not only the most desirable food, but also local tips to make your experience in Queenstown and Arrowtown unforgettable by detailing the range of mouth watering delectables available.…

Skiing and Snowboarding in Queenstown and Wanaka in 2017

Skiing And Snowboarding In Queenstown And Wanaka In 2017

Queenstown is arguably the top skiing destination in New Zealand, with four popular ski resorts in a 90 minute radius. During winter, the whole Queenstown Lakes district comes alive with the annual Winter Festival, an upsurge in nightlife and tourists from all over the world flocking to this winter wonderland.…

Luxury Holiday Houses in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Amazing Luxury Holiday Houses

New Zealand is known for many things: Its beautiful scenery, being Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, adventure sports such as bungy jumping, the All Blacks and all things Rugby and of course, sheep. …

Modern Family - Arthurs Point Queenstown

Arthurs Point: Soakers and swingers – Featured in The New Zealand Herald

Justine Tyerman’s wish for snow is granted during a pilgrimage to her spiritual home.

When my ice-encrusted eyelashes began to freeze together and frostings in my hair took on a literal meaning, I knew it was probably time to get out of the spa pool … but I was so mesmerised by the sight of the fat snowflakes drifting silently down from the slate-grey sky, I couldn’t move.