Romantic Pacific Islands: Getaways in Fiji, Vanuatu and Rarotonga

The Romantic Pacific Islands – home to white sand beaches, coconuts and scorching hot sun.

Islands such as Fiji, Vanuatu and Rarotonga boast some of the most exotic locations in the world, with its tropical climate and indigenous Island culture.

That doesn’t mean it is all huts and sand – many of the islands’ most isolated locations have world class facilities for the ultimate romantic getaway.


It’s impossible not to be captured by the magic and allure of Fiji, with over 330 islands dotted in the Pacific Ocean.

As if the sounds of the pristine water clapping at the shore and tropical birds in the trees is not enough, Fiji is home to some of the best holiday homes in the Pacific that are perfect for couples wanting to make lasting memories together.

Best Accom For Couples: Beach Villa, Taveuni

View of the ocean from the Beach Villa, Taveuni, Fiji on Amazing Accom.

For honeymooners and couples looking for both luxury and privacy, nothing comes close to the Beach Villa.

Start your days watching dolphins swim through the clear waters and end them with jaw dropping sunsets on the villa’s private beach with panoramic views.

Beach Villa is renowned for its exquisite attention to detail and has won the prestigious “Private Luxury Hotel of the Year” award by the Luxury Travel Guide for its luxurious service.

With this in mind its no surprise the villa is equipped with everything you’d expect in award winning luxury: exclusive beach access,  private pool, fully equipped kitchen with twice daily housekeeping and complimentary massages on arrival to release those tight muscles from your flight.

Renters always come back from the Beach Villa feeling “absolutely spoilt” – will it be your turn next?

Best Romantic Activity For Couples: Swimming the Sawa-i-Lau Caves

Take your loved one to the romantic Sawa-i-lau Caves

Legend has it that a young Fijian Chief was in love with a woman from another village. She was in love with him as well, but had been promised to the Chief of another village.

One night, the pair fled and she hid in the Sawa-i-Lau caves, with the young Chief returning to her each day with food, swimming into the caves when the tide was right.

Eventually the pair escaped to another island together and lived happily ever after.

If this doesn’t spell romance then I don’t know what does.

If you are feeling up to recreating this legend you can book a day trip from Nadi airport here


Vanuatu is anything but flashy resorts or a cruise ship port.

Vanuatu is home to rugged islands, deserted beaches, an indigenous culture and amazing diving spots.

You can do it all in Vanuatu; from staring down the crater of a volcano to drinking kava with the local Chief.

Best Accom For Couples: Vanuatu Villa 25-1

View of the Vanuatu Villa 25-1 on Amazing Accom.

Your own private beach. Need I say more?

Award winning architect Pierre du Toit designed this holiday villa for maximum privacy and located just 5 minutes from Port Vila’s bustling shops and food markets.

Guests are always surprised when the find the Vanuatu Villa to be such a “quaint, charming and picturesque place” and a blown away with the villa’s infinity pool, private chef and property manager who will cater to your needs.

See Vanuatu Villa 25-1 for yourself on Amazing Accom here.

Best Romantic Activity For Couples: Relaxing on Champagne Bay Beach

Share a romantic glass of wine on the stunning Champagne Bay Beach with your significant other.

Champagne Beach is famous for its crystal clear water, powdery white sand and is often regard as one of the best beaches in the world.

The beach is named after the bubbles arising from the volcanic activity beneath the ocean floor, making the water look like the fizz of a glass of champagne.

Couples here can bask in the calm tranquility of the beach with a glass (or bottle) of champagne between them.

It is located in Espiritu Santo, which is a 50 minute flight away from Efate, but the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful beaches on earth is too good to pass.


Rarotonga is the most populous of the Cook Islands, with approximate 10,000 lucky inhabitants that get to wake up to the island’s tropical beauty.

The island is surrounded by a halo of coral reef that highlights the island as the angelic destination it is.

Best Accom For Couples: Pacific Villa

Pacific Villa: perfect base for a romantic getaway to Rarotonga. Available on Amazing Accom

One of the newest listings on Amazing Accom, Pacific Villa is a holiday home packed full of value and is just a short walk from Muri Beach and Raro’s best restaurants and activities.

The house is fully equipped with everything to make your stay perfect – spacious kitchen that opens up to the balcony, cozy interiors and airport transfers are available on request.

On a budget? Check out the Muri Night Markets, just a few minutes walk down the road from the Pacific Villa.

The markets, which are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, offer a wide range of local cuisine such as cajun chicken, tuna with paw paw dressing and the world famous Rarotongan Mushroom sauce.

Best Romantic Activity For Couples: Diving at Aro’a Marine Reserve

Explore the sea life with a romantic dive at Aro'a Marine Reserve

Here you and your significant other will find simply incredible flora & fauna.

The Aro’a Marine Reserve is a breeding ground for hundreds if not thousands of species of tropical reef fish.

Grab some gear and a map from The Rarotongan Beach Resort Activities Centre and take a dive into the lagoon to start your underwater adventure.

Get up close with of butterfly fish, sea bream, octopi, moray eels and clams and finish your dive with a bite or drink at the Shipwreck Hut Beach Bar at the Aro’a Beachside Inn, regarded by many as the best place to watch the sunset.

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