Increase Your Booking Potential With These Top 4 Tips

Generating an income from your holiday home bookings has become increasingly competitive thanks to the break down of barriers through the internet, the rise of the sharing economy and booming tourism expenditure across the globe.

With all these factors at play, it is getting harder to make your property stand out from the crowd and achieve a high occupancy rate.

However, there are a few simple things you can do to increase your bookings and ultimately make more money for you. As holiday rental experts, we have noticed owners and property managers failing to do a few simple things that hamper their chance to secure valuable bookings.

1. Identify your property’s specific niche, and market your holiday home accordingly

Families have specific needs to couples, tailor your holiday home to meet their needs!

Targeting a particular type of renter can have a tremendous effect on the appeal of your holiday rental. Is your property ideal for young families? Or is it suitable for a couple wanting a weekend escape?

Families generally need many forms of entertainment and recreational areas nearby to keep everyone entertained – the more you can keep them entertained, the more they will enjoy being at your holiday home.

Think about the location and what facilities or attractions are nearby that may influence the type of renter attracted to your property. Are there shops, restaurants and bars nearby? Are there parks or outdoor activities in the vicinity?

Once you have a clear idea of the market your property appeals to, develop your offering to suit your ideal renter:

  1. For families with young children, provide a high chair, cot and a stair gate so parents feel equipped in your house. Go the extra mile and consider simple things you can provide to keep the children entertained – board games, a TV with extra features like Netflix or other streaming services can go a long way. Keep an eye out at second hand shops and sites such as TradeMe or Gumtree for used items like pool tables to add extra value to your space without breaking the bank.
  2. If you’re targeting couples, consider “everything for two” or what a couple would expect in a weekend escape. Can you supply your guests with a spa-like experience?

2. Invest in high resolution photography


Far to often do we see properties with photos poorly lit rooms, lack of composition and most importantly owners do not show off the best features of their rental property! Photos with a minimum 2560px wide is the best quality to use for marketing purposes.

Before professional photos are taken, we recommend:

  1. Removing all clutter from surfaces and leaving only prominent ornaments or lamps
  2. Hiding electrical cabling around bedding or living room furniture or technical equipment
  3. Removing personal items and consumables ie: toothpaste and toothbrush or cleaning goods in bathroom, opened food items in kitchen (whereas beautiful flowing soap or a bowl of lemons for example would be an ideal addition)
  4. Straightening out soft furnishings: duvet covers, rugs & sofas need to be without wrinkles and plump up pillows and cushions
  5. Showcasing outdoor areas and equipment i.e: set up any outdoor furniture, have the spa going and other equipment accordingly
  6. Lighting the fire to create an ambient shot if it helps in the living room photo

3. Set your pricing rightPricing correctly increases booking potential

While you could set your pricing to a flat rate all year round, you may be missing out on great bookings in quiet seasons or not charging enough in the peak seasons. Moreover adjusting rates and minimum night stay for events and holidays is another great factor that we recommend incorporating.

Sometimes you get available nights in between bookings that are less than your set minimum night stay. We have introduced gap pricing to make these night bookable. With Amazing Accom you can set the absolute minimum night stay you would be happy to accept with a nominated price per night.

We recommend you adapt your pricing according to the market where your holiday home is. Don’t cut yourself short in the lower seasons, yet don’t price yourself out of the market in the peak seasons.

Services like AirDna use AirBnb data so you can find what the pricing is of similar listings in your area, what their occupancy rate is, which will give you an idea how you can beat them.

Alternatively, you can contact the Amazing Accom team who are experts in pricing your holiday home for maximum return.

4. Ensure you can accept live bookings

Accepting live bookings increases booking potential
We have made it even easier to accept live bookings on Amazing Accom with the iCalendar connection capabilities now available. This feature ensures block outs sync automatically so that your property’s availability is maintained. With the automatic sync of block outs a two way sync occurs making management of listings is so much easier. All you need to do is ensure that the seasonal rates are loaded so that bookings are transacted accurately. The Amazing Accom team are happy to assist with this process.
Amazing Accom is also now connected with ResOnline whereby rates and availability can be mapped automatically. Owners connected with ResOnline can smoothly map their properties with their Amazing Accom listings with these easy to follow steps.

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