How To Plan A Vacation For A Large Group

Planning a trip for yourself or your family can be stressful enough, let alone organising a vacation for multiple families or a large group.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

With a few simple tips to coordinating a holiday for a large group, you will be enjoying your holiday stress free!

1. Nominate a group leader

Nominate a group leader for your vacation!

This is a no-brainer: too many heads involved in the decision making of the trip can lead to heated arguments, wasted time and an unenjoyable getaway.

This person should not just be the planner of the trip, but should also be the main point of contact and should be responsible for all the paperwork associated with the trip.

He or she should ensure that all passports are up-to-date, everyone in the party has their vaccinations appropriate for the destination and they should ensure that everyone has travel insurance for the duration of the trip.

2. Book flights first

Booking flights is the first thing that the planner should do as it locks-in everyone for the trip and provides a clear start and end date to your group’s itinerary which you can start filling with amazing activities.

Also, by booking your flights in advance, you will be able to secure enough seats for everyone in your group on the same flights. Book too late and members of your party may need to fly at different times, causing headaches around coordinating schedules and not to mention it will be more expensive to secure seats to your destination.

Pay attention to Group Travel Airfare rates offered by airlines such as Air New Zealand which sometimes are substantially cheaper than individual rates, and can take the hassle out of finding the best flights for your party.

3. Consider the group when booking accommodation

Okay, so being in a hostel or hotel room is great when you are travelling alone or in your own family.

However, as a group you are likely travelling not just to experience your chosen destination but also to spend as much time as you can with the group. Perhaps they are friends you have not seen with for a long time, or you are multiple families travelling and bonding together.

Therefore, booking your own private-use holiday house is a great idea as you get the whole house exclusively to your group, you get access to your own facilities and makes a great tactical base to have a “home base” throughout the trip. Many of our holiday houses, villas and apartments are ideal for large groups and can cater to the needs of many people.

An added benefit of booking a holiday house is that it works out just as affordable as a hotel room when you divide the costs of the accommodation amongst your group, which is perfect considering the higher quality of stay you will get!

4. Figure out how you will communicate

These days, it is so easy to communicate to anyone you could ever need to with social media, SMS messaging and email.

However, it is easy to forget that when you are overseas these methods of communication become much more expensive with international roaming rates and the lack of a reliable WiFi internet connection.

Research into the most cost-effective solution for you. In some countries it is very easy to purchase a SIM card loaded with enough credit to last long enough for vital communications when the group is separated.

If you have a reliable cellular data or WiFi connection in your destination, we recommend everyone in your group using free messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger which both have group calling and messaging features.

5. Book activities and restaurants well in advance

Book restaurants and activities as early as possible!

Booking a table at a local restaurant for a small group is easy.

However, when you are in a different location, haven’t been to the restaurant before and need to accommodate 10 or more people at a table, this task suddenly becomes difficult.

As early as possible research, restaurants and activities online and make bookings well in advance to ensure everyone can be accommodated for. It also saves time and disappointment when you end up hopping between restaurants and activities until you can find somewhere that can accommodate your group.

This would be a great time to confirm any dietary requirements members of your party may have, and make sure they are accommodated for when booking restaurants.

So, how do we find accommodation ideal for a large group?

We have thousands of properties perfect for large groups and families on Amazing Accom. Simply select your destination and dates & search through our exclusive listings to find the right accommodation for you and your group’s needs.

Use our advanced search to filter properties by number of guests, rooms or the facilities available – swimming pool? waterfont views? pet friendly?

Our properties have everything to make your holiday extra memorable.



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