Author: Alistair Shaw

Skiing and Snowboarding in Queenstown and Wanaka in 2017

Skiing And Snowboarding In Queenstown And Wanaka In 2017

Queenstown is arguably the top skiing destination in New Zealand, with four popular ski resorts in a 90 minute radius. During winter, the whole Queenstown Lakes district comes alive with the annual Winter Festival, an upsurge in nightlife and tourists from all over the world flocking to this winter wonderland.…

France Vineyards | Amazing Accom

The Beginner’s Guide To France’s Wine Regions

France: when the place comes to mind, it’s easy to think of baguettes, cheese, and… fantastic wine.

For someone who is visiting France for the first time and wants to sample the best wines France has to offer, it can be hard knowing where to start.…

Top Things To Do This Easter In New Zealand

With Summer turning out to be a disappointment with rain, wind and snow in some places it’s no wonder the idea of escaping to somewhere idyllic is tempting, especially so soon after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.…